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Should You Ditch Your Old Skincare Products for a Marijuana Cream? 4 Benefits of CBD Topicals

Skincare is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. It also boosts your confidence and puts your foot forward whenever you go out. Skin diseases affect the psychosocial well-being of a person and can cause depressive symptoms, including loneliness, isolation, and decreased quality of life. Sadly, because most skin problems are not life-threatening, many tend to neglect their skin.

Marijuana topicals or creams are becoming an over-the-counter beauty product in some states. If you’ve walked into the drugstore or marijuana store lately, you may have noticed a new label: CBD. So, why should you spend money on CBD for your skin?

Benefits of CBD Topicals

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the hundreds of active ingredients in cannabis. Unlike another compound called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD doesn’t make you high no matter how you consume it. It’s the main ingredient of many CBD products, such as gummies, chocolates, cocktails, oils, ointments, and skin topicals. 

1. Helps Get Rid of Acne, Eczema, and Psoriasis

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat some skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema. The good thing is that CBD skincare products don’t have known adverse side effects, except contact dermatitis. However, this can occur with any substance you apply to your skin.

Acne is a common skin condition that can cause painful and inflamed pimples, bumps, and pustules. Though there are other available anti-acne treatments, studies show promising evidence that CBD can help reduce the amount and severity of acne. It also helps minimize acne-causing inflammation and calm the skin.

Moreover, a 2014 study suggested that CBD stopped the cells from producing excessive sebum, another cause of acne.

2. Helps Relieve Dryness and Itching

A 2019 study suggested that CBD may help relieve common symptoms of skin issues, including itching and dryness. It reduces the appearance of skin irritation, and people with sensitive skin can use it.

However, you cannot simply buy any CBD skin cream anywhere. It’s always safe to get your supplies from reputable sellers, like these cannabis edibles Tulsa suppliers.

3. Helps with Skin Infections

CBD has antifungal and antibacterial properties, according to a 2011 study. CBD causes oxidation when it comes in contact with fungi cells, preventing them from multiplying and expanding. It also stops them from growing and spreading. 

In addition, CBD kills fungi cells by destroying the cell membranes, preventing the production of ergosterol that is necessary for fungi to survive.

4. Helps Reduce Visible Signs of Aging

Like other skincare products for aging, CBD cream can fight the damage of aging and help remove skin dullness, wrinkles, and reddish skin tone. The powerful antioxidants in CBD help lessen free radicals that attack collagen fibers. CBD also fights harmful toxins. 

What’s the Catch?

Latest studies are shedding light on the controversies of the overall benefits of marijuana, including skin problems. Though more research is necessary to find the direct effects of cannabis on many diseases, experts have found promising results. Also, it’s good to know that CBD (the main ingredient of these marijuana topical creams and other products) doesn’t make you high, with no known fatal side effects.

In addition to your CBD cream products, keep and maintain healthy skin by changing your lifestyle, such as proper and regular hygiene, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress. Before getting rid of your current skincare products for CBD cream, it’s always best to visit a dermatologist, especially for severe cases of skin conditions. 

Most importantly, check marijuana consumption laws in your state or location to avoid legal issues. Make sure that the store you buy from is certified and licensed like Mango Cannabis – a leading marijuana Edmond and Tulsa supplier.

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