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A Comprehensive Guide: Potential Causes of Chronic Infertility

In today’s time, chronic infertility is a significant concern for every individual, primarily for married couples. This is a condition wherein a female fails to conceive a child even after years of pursuing unprotected sex. Nevertheless, this deviation is not gender-specific; instead, it can develop due to numerous complications involving both sexes. Because of this, the general public needs to get a hold of these specifics for future references.

Common Risk Factors of Infertility

For Both Sexualities


When a man and woman arrive at a certain age, particularly over 35 or 40, chances of being fertile can decrease. Two differing factors can trigger this dilemma to happen. First, as females transition into adulthood, their eggs’ number and quality are most likely to decline. Second, the viability of male sperms also has a tendency to drop as they age.


One of the most widespread health conditions among human beings is diabetes. In connection with infertility, this particular disease can cause hormonal interruptions, affecting the quality of embryo and sperm, eventually leading to a delayed or failed pregnancy. However, this can still be aided by availing the services of prominent fertility establishments like Heal Natural Clinic Kirkland.

Environmental Factors

Direct exposure to different environmental contaminants, primarily arsenic-made products, such as pesticides, can significantly damage the male and female reproductive systems. These threats can influence the viability of the egg and sperm to fertilize and develop a fetus. When this happens, never hesitate to schedule an appointment with a recommended natural clinic to address infertility problems.


Lifestyle is one of the most standout factors that can substantially influence infertility. With that being said, this condition is more rampant in people with long-time vices, such as frequent alcohol consumption, drug addiction, and smoking. So, if you are among these individuals, it would be best to seek advice from a specialist through online fertility websites. However, it is a must to initially read more regarding the clinic of your choice to manage your expectations.

For Men

Low Sperm Count

Studies revealed that it is uncommon for males to face fertility issues compared to females. In fact, there is only about a 1 to 2 percent reduction in the motility of their sperm. However, this does not imply they cannot be vulnerable to this reproductive abnormality. When this suddenly develops, it would be ideal to have a word with an expert. It is believed that addressing infertility at its earliest phases can hinder it from transitioning into a more severe case.

Abnormal Sperm Delivery

Genetic diseases, reproductive injuries, and sexual complications are the leading reasons sperms cannot be effectively delivered to the female egg. When this comes about, the fertilization process can significantly be interrupted. Consequently, this can lead to chronic infertility. So, if you experience one of these irregularities, immediately speak with a reproductive specialist concerning the list of services specifically created to treat this condition.

For Women

Ovulation Irregularities

When the female ovary stops functioning normally, it fails to release an egg, triggering irregular ovulation. Reports have shown that this cannot simply transpire because of reproductive abnormalities. But, it can also emerge due to different neurology, digestive disorders, cardiovascular, and endocrine problems. Suppose you are experiencing signs of infertility without knowing where it came from. In this case, contact a fertility specialist for an accurate prognosis.

Reproductive Organs Problems

Cervical, fallopian tube, and uterine problems are significant factors inducing chronic infertility in females. These abnormalities can block the fertilized egg from implanting within the uterus, giving rise to lower back neck, knee pain and more. Self-management courses have been demonstrated to supply instant relief from these sufferings. However, if this is not enough, you can always ask for a professional’s guidance for successful alleviation methods.

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