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What Are The Common Air Conditioner Problems?

The heat originating from the sun nowadays is intense and burning; this is why individuals decide to invest in an air conditioner. The cold breeze it provides can help minimize the burning and harmful consequences to the surrounding environment and people’s health. Continuous usage of this equipment is apparent in every residence. Hence, it is prone to tons of issues anybody could encounter in the future. Prevalent problems involved with this specific home appliance are listed below.

Frequent Air Conditioner Problems

1. Collapsed Capacitor

The aircon capacitor is an electronic device positioned inside the machine where the electrostatic charge is temporarily saved. It stabilizes the voltage and starts the unit’s electric motors. This specific part is prone to damage, primarily during the summer season. As a result of the severe heat caused by this period, the system is used more frequently than usual to supply cold air. Therefore, the capacitor can overheat. Fluctuations in power and abrupt changes in thermostat levels can damage the system capacitor which may need an immediate air conditioner repair in Raleigh NC.

2. Damaged Compressor

A compressor is considered the center of the whole unit. It pumps the chemical compound responsible for soaking up the heat and cooling the air and the system, from the evaporator to the condenser coils. It guarantees that the cooling agent adequately carries out its heat exchange and pressure regulation. Dirty coils, a sudden change in refrigerant levels, and inadequate lubrication with the system can trigger the compressor to heat up, stop working, and at some point fail over time.

3. Dirty Air Filter

The air conditioner filter plays a significant part in maintaining the airflow passing along the whole unit neat and free from dust and other impurities. An obstructed air filter can prevent or limit the smooth flow of air, decreasing the system’s functionality. The aircon’s cooling capability can also be reduced. For this reason, it would not function effectively and show its total ability and potentiality. When this occurs, consider checking the filter if it is dirty to wash it right away. Or you can also schedule an air purification in Raleigh NC service.

4. Iced Evaporator Coil

One problem that individuals with air conditioners often experience is that the cooling feature of the unit is not working correctly. This can be due to an iced or frozen evaporator coil. It serves to absorb the heat inside the house; however, tendencies of debris buildup can unexpectedly occur. Therefore, obstructing the airflow and warm air would not make it to the refrigerant. In this situation, the moisture around the coil freezes, wrapping it with ice, stopping the cooling agent from consuming latent heat, and gradually disrupting the overall system.

5. Water Leaks

Water leaks stemming from both the indoor and outdoor air conditioners are an evident indication of system malfunction; this can be due to several factors. First, the condensation drain pipe is blocked with particulates, including algae and fungi growth, causing water to return inside the tube. Second, the condensate pan and pump are damaged or totally destroyed, which might require to be replaced. Third, the pool of water beneath the exterior compressor can be due to a dry air filter, loose seal, and wrong equipment installation. When any of these problems suddenly come to light, never hesitate to schedule an All American Heating & Air service for detailed unit maintenance and repair.

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