SpamCleaner is a complete and free server-side email filtering solution. It can be installed on just about any virtualization system and act as an SMTP gateway.

SpamCleaner has to be set up between internet and your final email server, either by getting the new MX record to your domain names or by getting mail from the frontend gateways. Once filtered, the messages will be forwarded to a destination email server or following gateway.

You do not have to configure all mailboxes, SpamCleaner will filter automatically all valid messages for you, as soon as you set up a domain.

SpamCleaner is constructed on popular and very efficient free applications:

  • OS: Debian 8 Jessie
  • MTA: Exim
  • Filtering: MailScanner
  • Anti-Spam: SpamAssassin
  • Anti-Virus: ClamAV
  • Web GUI: Apache/PHP/MySQL

The value of SpamCleaner is that using those tools is almost transparent for the users and administrators as configuration and settings are done via a unified and intuitive web-interface.

Users can consult with their quarantine in real-time, and place their own preferences, address by address. The web interface ensures customizable and compatible access to all details of this machine, both preventing intrusion on user’s customs and allowing the administrators to focus on other interesting tasks.

SpamCleaner is completely compatible with Active Directory, LDAP, Zimbra, Domino, and Exchange. You could even use it with Microsoft Office 365 or Gmail — G Suite.