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Four Ways To Reduce Spam In Your Inbox

Spam is one of the worst things that’s happening on the Internet. At least, it steals our time, since we will need to delete them whenever they come to our inbox. While spam may still be there till just God knows when there are items that you can do to lessen the amount of junk in your inbox. Here are four of these:

Use Disposable Email Addresses

Spammers usually collect email addresses by selecting them from different online sources like web pages, mailing list archives, etc. Consequently, if you will need to place your email in public online places, do not use your main email address. Instead, create an email account just for that purpose and set it up to forward received emails to your main address. If you get too many spams through this address, you can simply disable it and replace it with a new one.

Obfuscate Your Email Address

Since spammers usually harvest email addresses with some sort of bots, attempt to obfuscate your email when you place it in a public online location. Do it in a way that it is still comprehensible for an individual reader in order for your addressee can read it. By way of example, rather than posting “abc@xyz.com,” replace it with” ABC (at) XYZ dot com.”

Use Long or Unusual Email Address

Spammers may attempt to guess your email by sending email to common or short addresses in the hope it will reach some valid addresses. Due to this, using a long or rare email may be safer than using a short or shared email. Thus, if you create email accounts, attempt to obtain a long or rare, yet comprehensible, email address.

Do Not Respond to Spam

When you get spam in your inbox, do not respond to it at all. Do not answer to the spam email or click on any link inside, even if it resembles an opt-out link. It’s very likely that the opt-out connection is a fake. Responding to spam will confirm to the spammer that your email is a valid one and you will get more spam because of it.

Final Words

There you go, four approaches to minimize spam in your inbox. By decreasing spam in your inbox, you can save the time that’s wasted by spam and spend it in your business. Your inbox is also cleaner and thus easier to handle.